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Softwood Planed finished timber sizes: 


14x33      14x70        14x95        14x145

20x20      20x33        20x45        20x70     20x95    20x120    20x145    20x170    20x195    20x220

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33x33       33x45       33x95        33x145     33x220

Full Range - Par - Scotias - Quadrants - Picture Frame etc

Softwood Sawn
Full Range u/s Redwood

White Kiln Dried C16 / C24
Full range of sawn joists etc

Machined White Oak
Skirtings - Architraves - Windowboads

Treated Timber
Full Range Treated Timber - Joists - Battens -

Posts etc




Specialist Products



Jelutong (Dyera costulata)




Grows in Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra

Appearance straight grained with fine, even texture.

Creamy-white sapwood and heartwood, maturing to a

pale straw-yellow


Physical Props:
Light, soft, brittle, and weak with good stability in
low decay resistance, and a poor steam
bending rating.
Working Props Works easily with both
hand and power tools
and planes to a nice, clean
surface. Glues, screws, and nails
without difficulty.
Stains, paints, and varnishes fairly well


Popular for model making, patterns, wooden shoes,

battery separators, and drawing boards. Also used

for interior joinery and corestock for doors. Excellent

wood for carving and sculpture due to its softness.

Latex in the wood is extracted for chewing gum


Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)




Other Names:
Also known as coast spruce, tideland spruce, menzies

spruce, silver spruce, and yellow spruce


Grows along the northern Pacific coast of United States

and Canada


Generally straight and even grained (but

sometimes spiral grained) with a fine, uniform

texture. Light pinkish brown heartwood and creamy white sapwood


Physical Props:
Light, soft, low shock resistance, moderate stiffness,

good steam bending, good stability in service, and low

decay resistance. Moderately low in strength but very

high strength to weight ratio


Working Props:
Works well with hand or machine tools. Good turning

properties. Nails and screws without pre-drilling and

has good holding properties. One of the easiest woods

to cut, glue, and finish


Has many uses including boxes, crates, pallets,

general construction, millwork (flooring, siding,

panelling, sash, doors), musical instruments

(especially sounding boards), furniture (mainly hidden parts), cabinets, aircraft construction, boat building, stadium seats, cooperage, ladder rails, woodenware, novelties, and plywood

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